" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Oscillation

Monday, May 30, 2011


I don't visit this blog often. I write a lot less.  I feel very far from my A to Z Love Project and I can't say I love that fact, but my focus has been elsewhere.  I wish I could say my new focus brought me a great deal of joy and a bright future but I cannot say that either.  It brought me a paycheck and a ton of stress.

My goals will have to be reassessed and I'll have to get myself out of the funk that was created by taking myself off a path that I really felt was going somewhere.

Having said that, I hate weekends.  Did I ever mention that?  My perception is that weekends are fun, family time for most people.  This is when people let their hair down, relax, have a cocktail, attend parties.  This is not what my weekends are about.  I do get invited to do those things but I don't always want to go.  I guess I'm one of those who are cursed or blessed depending on how you see it, I would much rather be working. It's not that I don't like parties or spending time with people I love because I do love those things but it is that I want to do my work. I want to keep it moving as they say and weekends bring me to a grinding halt.  I find myself not making business calls out of respect to others who still use weekends as their celebration time and I find myself just waiting for it to end. I'm quite sure that if I worked a job that I hate I would be like everyone else and relish the weekends but that's just not me.

I have noticed a lot lately that my site traffic has many visitors from other countries.  I'm becoming the Jerry Lewis of websites or blogs, only it's not just France that likes me but crazy far out places I've never been like Sri Lanka, Portugal, The Czech Republic etc.  The list goes on and according to my site meter the numbers are pretty good every day.  In fact I'm getting more traffic now than when I was writing this blog regularly and really pushing people to go to it.  Go figure.  Bottom line, that and a quarter gets me a gumball.  The only way that will have significance is if I get a call from someone in one of those countries and they want me to star in their film.  Then the research to find out if it's a hoax or not will be my only issue.  Hmm, we shall see.