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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fluke of All Flukes!!!!

Remember last year when I was in that film, Lilith?  Well, the director writes his own blog.  He's an amazing person and an incredible writer. Today, I was on facebook and I stumbled onto the Lilith fan page. There's not much written on it as I'm quite sure the director, Sridhar, saves most of his writing for his blog and future creative projects. I saw that he recently updated the film release date so I clicked on the link.  I've actually been anxious to know when the film would come out and here's what I found.  He was writing about Me!!!! Below I copied and pasted what he said.  I am so grateful that he wrote this and I'm marveling at the serendipitous way I discovered it.  I love when that happens.  

Here's what he said...

And speaking of promotions I’d be remiss if I didn’t promote a herculean endeavor by one of my Lilith collaborators, Nancy Telzerow. Nancy, the actress who plays Flora, the mother of Julia Voth’s character in Lilith, has for the past year created the ultimate homage to her acting muse, Meryl Streep. Inspired by the film Julie and Julia, wherein a young woman cooks and documents every recipe cooked from Julia Child’s legendary cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Nancy decided to create 24 vignettes of Meryl Streep’s best works. She’s called it A to Z with Meryl and Me, and she completed the series a few months ago.

Nancy creeping out as ‘Flora’ in ‘Lilith.’ This is dedication, and I can personally attest to Nancy’s drive and focus, as she delivered such an amazing and creepily nuanced performance for me in Lilith. Nancy’s one of our finest actors, and with Lilith I’m hoping a wider audience can bask in her talents. In the meantime, you can see Nancy’s A to Z with Meryl and Me on her YouTube channel here.
And if any of my readers knows a way to get a hold of Meryl Streep, please forward Nancy’s work on to her! :)
Have a great weekend!


Amanda E. Epperson said...

Oh that's really fabulous Nancy! This ought to keep you cheered up for a bit.