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Sunday, March 21, 2010

blogs of interest

Just finished watching "Falling in Love" and I actually fell in love with the movie. I have the perfect actor to play the DeNiro part and I look forward to making the final scene selection. I only have 4 more movies to watch and about 6 more scenes to select. Then there will be casting for about 10 more scenes and I'll be done with that part! Can you believe it? This has been a focus of mine and I'm determined to have the watching and scene selecting done by this Wednesday. Can I do it? You bet I can!

I'm getting great feedback from the scene magazine article and I've already talked with Jeff about going on WNCX radio to promote A to Z and the "D" scene so things are plugging along. Next up, I will talk with someone from "The Star Beacon", my hometown newspaper and see about getting on the "Around Noon" npr show with Dee Perry. Oh yes, there will be more media ... YIPPEE!

Speaking of Jeff, his wife Donna, is also writing a blog. Go to http://www.3monkeysreview.blogspot.com and check it out. She is a facebook friend of mine and is always reading books, watching movies and writing reviews about them. I really think she's onto something here and I look forward to subscribing. You should too!

Since I started the Love Project, I've heard from at least 6 of my friends about creative endeavors that they've also decided to do. This is the year, man! It really is a time for people to create their own opportunities and take the bull by the horns. There's an energy. People are no longer waiting by the phone or getting bogged down by depression. It's called action and I'm loving it!

OK, gonna run now and read Donna's blog. Then it's back to Meryl!


Terri said...

All you out there who have new goals or cool ideas that you want to start... here's are some simple get moving Feng Shui Tips:

- Create a motivation board (kitchen frig will work) and hang specific images and words that say you have met your goal. Add in a big thank you also.

- Go to your North West corner of your home office and add in a light to light up your helpful people area. We always need help along the way.

- Write the number "8" on a piece of paper and add it all over your home where it's visible and even inside your wallet. According to Feng Shui, the number "8" means prosper.

Here's to meeting your new goals!

Nancy T said...

Thanks for your Feng Shui tip for my readers Terri.

To the weight loss training program poster, if any of my readers take you up on this, good for you!