" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Traffic Jam and Other Craziness

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Traffic Jam and Other Craziness

In my travels across the US, one thing I've noticed, I do not mind traffic jams. Truly, even in Cleveland, if the traffic is bogged down, I'm pretty cool about it. I always assume that it means if I were going faster and way ahead on the road that maybe I'd have a bad accident or hit horrible weather. I just figure that I'm being held up for a reason and where I am is way better than where I think I should be. So then it occurred to me that I could think the same way in real life. Why not just assume if I'm being held up, it's for a good reason. Instead of fretting and freaking out, I could just say who cares?! I'm going for this option from now on and I will let you know how it goes. I could be full of crap but we'll see ;-)

Of course I came to this conclusion after dealing with the G force of the G scene. The many ups and downs of this particular installment made me think that the delay could mean only huge, wonderful things were headed my way and so I choose to be in that mind space. Take that, G scene!

One more thing I should mention since you CANNOT view my G scene on youtube is that if for some reason you can't find me, I might be in the slammer. Yes, that's right, I might be poky bound. If a woman named Bubba is blowing kisses my way, please bail me out! It's illegal to have material like the G scene animation since it has a "copyright". Of course everything I'm producing for this entire project is also has one but that hasn't mattered to the legal team at youtube for some reason. I did write to Fox today to see if I could use the footage from the G scene with their permission and a credit to them. Isn't it funny that Fox is the one produced and relased The Fantastic Mr. Fox? Am I the only person to see the humor there? Well, I find no humor in youtube not allowing me to post this video so I hope to get the go ahead. If I don't I will continue to be sly as a fox and post it everywhere else in the free world. A simple reminder though, if you cannot find me, ohhhhhh noooooo, bring me a cake with a nail file in it. Thanks.