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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mary Tyler More more more

I'm supposed to be promoting She Devil and River Wild and I have ... sorta but what I'm really doing is watching old episodes of Mary Tyler Moore.  I'm supposed to be planning the T scene and the rest of my A to Z season but what I'm really doing is sitting very still and laughing at Lou Grant and Ted Baxter.  I'm supposed to be coordinating schedules, printing out scripts and finding locations but I'm really thinking that Georgette is as funny if not funnier than she ever was.

Guess I'm supposed to be chillin and so therefore I am.  What do you suppose Meryl Streep watches when she is avoiding work?  I'm guessing documentary's or the history channel.  I could tell you better if she'd call and have a chat with me ... I promise I'll put Mary on pause and give you my undivided attention, Meryl!