" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Rolling DOWN the River

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rolling DOWN the River

Are you excited to see the product of our green screen shoot? I know I am ... more than excited ... anxious! Did I mention that when Brian went to shoot the B roll all by himself, he fell into the water twice and got completely drenched?   So when he called me to say he wanted to re-shoot the B roll, I knew that it wasn't for thrills. He felt it was necessary for the edit and would ultimately make his job easier.  So while the guys are working on the footage, my imagination is running rampant with questions and thoughts.

1.  How was the re-shoot?
2.  When will I see get to do my director's cut?
3.  When will everyone get to see The River Wild?

Way too many questions for one A to Zer ... time to get more zzz's in my life!

I am reading another Meryl Streep book and everything I've seen in print indicates her level of professionalism and perfectionist attitude... I think we may have that in common.


Terri said...

Can you knock on his door to see if he has fallen and get up?