" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Special Thanks for the P Scene ... finally!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Special Thanks for the P Scene ... finally!

Postcards from the Edge ... ah, the good ole days.  Remember when?  Actually that was in September and this is November but sheesh, it seems like a world ago.  There were so many things that came together harmoniously for this scene and I can't wait to get to the thanking!!!!

Postcards was Shot and Edited by Spencer Jay Kim.  Jay has done wonderful work for me as an actor in the B scene, as a shooter and editor in the Cry in the Dark, and Prairie Home Companion scenes and a co conspirator in the making of the trailer and the very best Meryl Streep interview around.  To say he's been dedicated is to be very understated.  On this scene not only did he shoot and edit it once again but he also arranged for a cake for my birthday, complete with presents and singing.  Additionally, he handled a very tough situation with grace and ease.  His camera broke the day of the shoot while setting up.  He didn't talk to me about the issue.  He just went out in the hall and talked with Maria and Lee and figured out an immediate solution.  Being the Producer on these shoots requires that I be in many places at once but Jay gave me the best gift of all for my birthday ... he took the initiative to handle the situation all on his own.  You gotta love a proactive crew member, actor, and friend. He is all of that.  To contact Jay for hire, email him at jkimgant@hotmail.com.

Marje Rody played Doris Mann and man alive,was she good!  Sorry, I couldn't help it.  Besides watching her touching performance, and her lovely characterization there's more to Marje than meets the eye.  She was supposed to have a bloody wig on the nightstand near her bed and Marje brought me 3 wigs from which to choose for the shot.  Now, if you go back to the scene, you'll find that the wig isn't very prominent but that's just her complete dedication to detail.  She brought scarves and costume choices and make up ...you name it, she had it.  This dame came prepared.  Speaking of dames, she has her own one woman show, "Discovering Your Dame", an entertainment and empowerment piece for women.  I know working with her I was both. Her talents are endless.  If you'd like to book her show or hire her she can be contacted at http://www.damesrule.com or damesrule@gmail.com.

Maria Ecks was the Location Manager and Production Coordinator.  She was the person that Inda told me to speak with right after Dave Litz said I should talk to Inda and they sure were right!  Maria connected us with the location.  She arranged for us to have an intern to work as a production assistant and she was absolutely wonderful to work with, such a doll! Maria is the Program Manager of Visual Communication, Design + Media Arts at Tri-C East.  She can be contacted at 216-987-5567 or email her at mariaecks@tri-c.east.com.

The Location was the Tri-C East Nursing Unit.  Didn't it look just like a hospital room?  OMG.  I loved it.  This facility is amazing and it's about to grow even more.  This is where all of the nurses in training work on honing their educational and practical nursing skills.  It was the perfect decor and actually serves an amazing purpose, molding the nurses of our future.  Loved that location!

Lee Johnson attends Tri-C East and was our Production Assistant.  He was one of the people who very quickly came to Jay's aid when we needed another camera.  Lee was on hand helping the actors and Jay all while remaining pleasant to be around on set.  That's what I always tell my students, if it's between you and someone else and all talents are equal, be the one that's easy to have around.  Lee was just that!  To contact Lee email him at leejohnson_jr@sbcglobal.net.

Terri Negron is my tech support.  She dresses up my blog, posts my posts, designs my website and keeps me sane in the rocky times.  Terri can be there for you too, email her at terri@fengshui5.com.

Gina Brinker was Camera Support, aka the person that Lee, Maria and Jay called to get the replacement camera.  Although I never got to speak with her directly, I am grateful for her quick and positive response to what could have been a very sticky situation.  She can be contacted at gina.brinker@tri-c.edu

Special Thanks

Dave Litz responded so quickly on Facebook about the perfect person to contact for a location.
Inda Blatch-Geib was the person Dave recommended who led me to the wonderful Maria.
Mary Jean Surace was in charge of the Tri-C East Nursing Unit who was gracious and allowed our presence.
Dave Thomas is always there in a pinch and offered his editing system so Jay could knock out another win!
Allen Kellogg was ready to help out when we had to get the files from the old camera to the hard drive.
All of my facebook friends came to my aid to suggest fabulous location after location.  I love them!
The Reel Thing is there for me as a great resource for my every scene.