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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hey did ya know?

Everything that happens to us, we create.  So, all of the great stuff that's occurred on my project, that was me.  Anything negative or unsavory, that was me too.  Did you see the thanks to the Postcards from the Edge scene?  I posted twice yesterday so please check those out.  I don't want you to miss them.  That was a very special scene.  Let's face it, I think that of all my scenes for various reasons.  If you scan my blog you will see some running themes.  One is of utter thanks and amazement at the participation of so many to help me fulfill the A to Z goal.  Another is the creation of a bigger entity and contacting those in the know, including Meryl Streep herself.  Yet a third theme has been overcoming the obstacles.  It has been my feeling that no one wants to read butterflies and applesauce everyday and people want to know what's really happening.  For better or worse, I have told you just that.  I've gushed and swooned and poured buckets of love over darn near everyone who has helped me.  Then there were those who I felt were less than productive, generally, I wasn't as vocal about that.

Now if you read my last few days, that has not been the case.  I have not been less vocal although I managed to avoid saying so much of what I think and feel and maintain just the facts.  Still, we are onto the next chapter with The River Wild and a new day means a new attitude.  Monday I will be meeting with Matt, Brian and Peter from the studio.  The meeting is solution oriented.  So, as you know I am want to do, I'm going to put out there what I hope for when attending this meeting.  I'm also going to ask you to do that thing you do, whether it's pray, send positive vibes, light candles, wish or make voodoo dolls ... yes, do that with me, well maybe not that last one ;-) Let's make this a collective thing.  Here's what I would like.

I want to go into this meeting ready to be a part of the solution not the problem.  I don't want to rehash wrongs since what's done is done. I plan to bring along sounds that could be used so when I ask for something I'm not just the pain in the tookus wanting but I'm bringing the answer too.  I would like to have a calm conversation about what's next but heck, why don't I say what I really would LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I would love to go into the meeting and have the scene done up all new with a shiny bow on it, with my requested changes and with everyone on the same page of making it work.  I would like to hear the sounds I requested and see the cuts I hoped for.  I'd love to hear that asking to cut frames off the end was an easy fix and not too much to ask at all.  I'd love to repair what was damaged and allow everyone to see that truly what I want is for people to look at this scene and think the following:

1.  Damn, that really looks like they're on the water
2.  Woah, that's pretty eerie.
3.  Wow, she picked the perfect actors and they were killer in their roles.
4.  Holy cow, whoever edited this did an awesome job.
5.  YES, another great scene from A to Z ... who worked on that?

See all I'm hoping for is a damn, woah, wow, holy cow and a YES.  Is that too much to ask?  Nah. If those were the thoughts, that would be cool.  Can I control others' thoughts?  No.  Can I control what I say and write?  Absolutely.  Do I have a thousand readers?  Not even close.  So, bottom line, what people really have been seeing are the scenes and it's time to let them see The River Wild where every single person involved can shine and look amazing.  I'd be thrilled with people loving the look, sound, other people's performances and music even if they never said one word about my performance or what I did with the scene.  That's the truth.  I can't row this big water alone.  Let's do this as a team!

Oh and if my requests are just far too  many and the people involved want to be done, I will completely understand, no hard feelings.  I would just hope that I could take the footage and perhaps get someone else to finish the beast.

Meryl Streep, if you would like to pipe in on this matter and offer some advice, please give me a call. I think by now you should have my phone number tattooed somewhere on your body!  ... while I'm putting things out there ;-)


Terri said...

I knew you could dream down heaven... way to go and more power to you. xoxo Terri