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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A to ZZZzzzzzz

OK, so I've been sleeping on the job. I usually am right on top of what's next, who's next and how will next happen but not this time. I think I'm so exhausted from the double feature ... bla bla bla... it's all excuses. I didn't do it. Now, though, I am doing it. I contacted my T scene actor and he gave me his availability. Now I need to hear from Devon and we'll set a date. Oh and then there's just the location but that shouldn't be too tough. Hmm, better post that on facebook. My fb peeps are so good about throwing locations my way and they are always awesome.

The T scene is from the movie, Heartburn. It's about Nora Ephron and her husband who cheated on her. Ahh, a real pick me up. Since I've done a lot of comedy lately though, it's time to check out the cheating hubby and get on with things. I cannot believe I only have 7 more scenes. Time has gone by fast and slow all at once.

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful. I'm grateful to YOU for reading my blog, watching my videos, checking out my website and just plain being there for me. Hey, it's what we all need right? When you're doing something huge, just a bit of encouragement goes a long way. So, while there are many who have remained completely silent, on the other hand, there have been those of you really in my corner. I feel your presence and I love you for it. Thank you.

On another note, oh CRAP, Devon just contacted me and said that he cannot shoot this week. Hmm, Jay is coming to town. I think I need to get a camera for him so we can get him to shoot another scene. Will he do it? Will he want to? Will he think OMG, I was just coming in for a visit! Stay tuned and we'll see what he says.


Spencer Jay Kim said...

I wonder what that jerk will say...