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Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Lot Can Change in One Day!

Well, Jay Kim to the rescue once again is what I'm singing today.  He was planning a trip in town to visit friends and I asked him if he would be available to shoot the T scene, Heartburn.  He was more than happy to do it.  Then Jeremy who will act in it with me, gave me his available dates.  So my actor and my shooter were in sync.  Then I needed a location, so I posted it on facebook.  Woodie came to my rescue!  He has an idea which I'm sure will be perfection.  Also, Jay's camera is still on the blink or not blinking as the case may be and Woodie agreed to take a look at it for me.  So the T scene is really coming together.  Jay then asked about the U scene. He likes to get a lot done when he comes to town.  The U scene is The French LieUtenant's Woman.  It is a period piece with accents, costumes, and two locations ... quite the undertaking.  Months ago, Larry Nehring agreed to play opposite me and he's PERFECT for the role, so we're syncing those schedules right now.

That means that for the month of December I will only need to ask Devon to shoot one scene, which is very good because of his crazy work schedule and Toni Cervino, who is acting opposite me for the V scene is already to do it pretty early in the month.

Bottom line?  Three scenes (one that should have come out in November) and the two December scenes will be shot and edited by the first half of the month and we'll have some "time off".  Let's not forget there are actually 3 scenes scheduled for January so if I could preshoot one of those in December then it could be a slower end to my season. No more snoozing, procrastinating or zoning out for me... I'm here all week!!!!!

Oh and did I mention that Mike Kraft got me an on camera gig with Volkswagen which I then was able to share with both Jay and Jeremy so I'm getting two of my A to Zers some work?!  They each get two days of shooting under an AFTRA contract and that's NEVER a bad thing.  I only got one day but I'm happy to be working also.  So I just have to learn the scripts for that job, and the T, U, V scenes and then I can rest.  Oh my goodness.  I wonder how many scripts Meryl Streep is working on these days?  Hmm.


Terri said...

Hip Hip Hurray! Nice work! Gooooo Nancy!