" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: 34 hours awake? Who, ME?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

34 hours awake? Who, ME?

Well, it's up and running or rather I finally got to sleep and was running to bed.  Jay Kim had this idea for the U scene.  He had it for two reasons.  One, I was void of creativity, at a complete loss as to what to do and frankly, rather depressed and two, because he cares so much.  Wow, what he accomplished from Noon (not counting prep work) when we began shooting to the following day at 2:30 PM was amazing.  We didn't just do a scene for the u installment.  It's a dang movie or at least a short movie!

Jay had this idea to do a mockumentary on A to Z with Meryl and Me.  This meant we needed to talk to the players of my team.  I put out calls and texts the night before we were to shoot.  I couldn't have called sooner because it wasn't an idea before that.  Everyone I called said absolutely they would work around us or invite us into their homes, just as they have done every other time I've asked ... amazing.

We began by heading to The Reel Thing where we spoke with The Jimmy  (G scene) and Tony, the guy who suggested I take A to Z to another level by getting crew members involved and making it more widespread.  Remind me to smack him ... just kidding of course.  It was a brilliant idea.

We then interviewed Greg Violand (L scene), Paul Floriano (K scene), Cathy Albers (E scene) and grabbed footage to supplement the piece.  Joe Tarantowski from BW really pulled through and allowed us to use the editing system there.  I have spent many nights on BW's campus since that is my alma mater but never wide awake for that long ... nope, not even in my hey day did I go without that much sleep, ever!

After the edit, there was the upload and the file transfer and the other logistics that seemed like quantum physics due to our pure exhaustion.  The outcome?  Jay took nothing but an idea and created a funny mockumentary about A to Z.  I can't wait to write the thanks for this scene.  I'll be thanking people for years to come.

ONE more thing ... I was asked to be on Good Company.  That's a morning show shot in Cleveland, OH.  It was all thanks to Tom Beres a fellow AFTRA who suggested it to Andrea Vecchio, one of the hosts of the show.  So, I'll be on TV tomorrow.  I hope to grab the link and show it to you.  Hope you'll be watching it all, the TV and the U scene.  Good night.