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Monday, December 27, 2010

Bloggidy blog blog

So it's later than usual for my daily post but here I am.  I made a decision yesterday to release an early February scene and the final on the 14th, which still has me creating 3 scenes for January but at least it's not four, right?!

Wow, that's a lot of math for a girl who's just trying to lighten her laundry load.  I'm at The Jimmy's folding and sorting and quietly thinking about my next move.  I'm Nancy, The Ninja laundry girl!  I need a cape.  Wait, it's probably dirty.


Terri said...

So happy you are doing laundry. :)

Spencer Jay Kim said...

Good job!
Also, is there anything that you've ever written about that TT can't put a picture to? I love the pile of laundry.

Nancy T said...

That's a cute pic but the real pile is about 10 times that size!

Terri said...

Are there any scenes with Meryl doing laundry? :)