" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Today the Edit and Thinking About Nora Ephron

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today the Edit and Thinking About Nora Ephron

I woke up sometime around 5 am.  Couldn't sleep.  5.5 hours isn't enough but as you know I'm used to editing and shooting in one day so when that doesn't happen I'm kind of on hold until it does.  This afternoon is the moment when I'll see the footage and make my selections and by tomorrow the T scene will be out there.

So, I was thinking about Nora Ephron.  HearTburn, aka the T scene, is a movie written by her and about her.  She was married to Carl Bernstein and he cheated on her.  Sure, there's more to the story but that's the gist.  She had a baby and was 7 months pregnant when she found out and was devastated.  Nora is such a funny lady.  You should really take the time to read her writing.  I love it.  This scene doesn't show her funny side though.  It shows her heart breaking in two.  I know I could have selected a funny scene but the movie isn't really about the funny in life ... um, it's called Heartburn after all.

Tomorrow I will shoot all day long doing a character for Volkswagen and it will be fun.  I always think that.  I suppose the day that I no longer find my work fun is the day that I'll not do it.  I can't imagine that Meryl Streep would call acting "fun" per se but I do know she thinks this, "Acting is not about being someone different. It's finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there." And she also says, "All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today, in any scene."

Meryl Streep seems to always be right except about not contacting me yet, she's not right there.