" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Things are looking up

Friday, January 7, 2011

Things are looking up

Boy, did I get a lot done yesterday.  First, I contacted Molly and she agreed to play my sister in Marvin's Room. She also mentioned the location could be at her place which makes life quite nice.  Then I spoke with my two actors for the following scene from Silkwood.  I'm happy to report that both Bobby Thomas and Mike Misiak have agreed to play opposite me in that scene.  I also heard from Chuck Kartali for the Bridges of Madison County scene and they are all, every single person I've mentioned, WIDE OPEN to shooting whenever.  YIPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!  Mike Kraft has given me three dates that work for him for the Z scene, which is It's Complicated or at least that's the order I think it will come in and my only scene that I'm unsure about in terms of casting is Music of the Heart.  Here's the thing, it's a two partner.  It's a scene with the school principal, my character (a violin teacher) and a parent and THEN it's a scene with me teaching a class of violin students.  You can see that if I don't actually find a real class it could get crazy. I guess that needs to be the next thing I tackle.  There are many scenes in that movie that are great but I happened to love the one I chose.  It all remains to be seen I guess.

Then there's the crew.  I've contacted three makeup artists and heard back from one, so far.  As for shooters, I put emails out to potentials and heard back from one via email and one on the phone.  Not too bad for one day of reach outs.

I sent out the scripts for the V and W scenes but still need to send out the rest.  I guess I'll get to that today and concentrate on locations.  Hmm, now all I need is anyone to shoot them.  Actually, not just anyone will do because I have some great guys I've worked with and don't want to change that now!  Wish me luck.  If I had Meryl Streep's number I would have asked her if she wanted to do a cameo in one of my scenes although I can't think of one that's good for her ... lolololol.  OK, I kill me.  I'm here all week!


Terri said...

Hey maybe you can use a class from BW for your violin scene? Since you have taught there before about your kind of business, maybe could tie it all in with having the class you taught to be part of the v-scene?

Good publicity via BW.