" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Hourly charge?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hourly charge?

Let me ask you this, how does one charge hourly for a job that you think about almost nonstop?  Does the thinking count?  Does the worrying factor in or what?  Hmm, something to ponder and then ponder again and then wonder if I should charge for the pondering.

On the A to Z front, I received an email from Terri about ways to get more hits on youtube and I really need to study that.  I haven't done so yet because of the above concerns but I cannot just let it go. I have to create a reel, send it out and think about my next move.

I was pretty much counting on time and space to give me the gift of revealing what's next for me but since I'm working and thinking incessantly about the amusement park gig, I guess it will have to wait for a moment of clarity.  I suppose once we get the first radio spot down I'll be less worried.  Waiting for that whew moment.

Meryl Streep is still working on the set of Iron Lady transforming herself once again into another real person, Margaret Thatcher.  There's already talk of oscar nominations.  I'm sure you're aware that she holds the record for the most nominations and losses which is no coincidence.  I wonder if Meryl still thinks it's an honor just to be nominated or if she's frankly sick of the crap and would prefer to have another win.  It has been such a long time for her.  I know what it feels like to wait, Meryl. I waited for one year to hear a word of encouragement from you.  Nope, you didn't have one but you've been busy.  Do I appear to be a fool for thinking you might call?  Maybe to some.  Am I a failure since you never did call?  Maybe to some, definitely not to others.  One good thing is I'm no longer worried about you calling.  It really doesn't pay to worry does it?  Not about anything, really.  What does worry get you?  An ulcer?  Other health issues?  Lack of sleep?   Well, I'm not down for those things and I can't see the benefits of it and yet if you scroll up to paragraph one ... um, I still worry.

This does not mean I do not wish or hope for great phone news still because I do and I always will. I  guess that's what keeps me going.