" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Kinda sneaky but it works

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kinda sneaky but it works

So lately I've been blogging at night and posting it in the morning.  I find myself having those writing type thoughts at the end of my day versus the beginning.  I suppose I could go into some very deep self analysis over that fact but I'm not gonna!

I just reviewed Julie Powell's current blog and checked out some of her previous posts.  She is definitely a writer, ya know?  Her words come complete with cussing and very little sugar coating.  She's unapologetic which is necessary when writing.  I admire her boldness because I temper so much of what I write so as not to upset anyone or make people think I've lost my gourd.  Anyway, it makes me think that if I ever hope to transform this blog into a book, it will need to be transformed.  I'll have to add in those little anecdotes that caused me to bite through a layer of my inner cheek and I'll have to bring some more of the realness to this piece.  Don't get me wrong, I've been pretty open but there's always more to the story, you know?

What have I done lately you ask?  Or maybe you didn't ask.  Or maybe you're not even reading this ... oh the maybe's ... sheesh.  Well, I've decided that I must plan a trip to LA in April.  I've tossed around a couple of ideas for future projects.  I've been working on the Amusement Park gig and can now officially say that I'm all caught up on my mouth breathing.  That is what I wanted after all. I wanted time to not have a huge worry hanging over me but now instead, I've replaced the letters with a stop watch.  It's like I feel the time ticking away and the further I move from the February 14, final scenes, the easy I will be to forget and the harder it will be to promote.  These are all just tales I haunt myself with but nevertheless I guess sometimes they can be motivators.

Before A to Z with Meryl and Me, I had many ideas that would lead to more work or so I thought. I didn't follow through with them because they were too daunting.  Now, here's another worry, what if I get back to the unmotivated and uninspired and make a dent in my couch that begins to effect the carpet?  That's an important what if.

Well, that's what's on my mind Wednesday night and you won't know about it until Thursday morning but that's OK as is the silliness in my head ... it's all OK.