" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Meetings, meetings and NO SLEEP

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meetings, meetings and NO SLEEP

I'm a nervous wreck.  I have to get so much done and because I've hired others to do it, I must wait.  Yikes.

Last night was our AFTRA meeting.  It was interesting.  It was great to see so many faces and I even took a moment to list all of the AFTRAns who were involved in A to Z with Meryl and Me.  It was a long list.  What a beautiful thing.  I have a long list of participants who are professionals and my brothers and sisters.  Being at the meeting was like going to a family reunion.  My hope is to bring my union siblings with me to reunion once again on this or other future projects. 

As I reread what I've written, I realize that I truly have to be in the mood to write to come up with gold. This isn't gold but it says what's on my mind.  I have more thanks to write and more planning to do. I cannot wait to get two radio spots in the can so I can take some time to focus on my trip to LA and promoting A to Z.  That will be a tremendous moment.  Hey, maybe I'll run into Nancy Meyers, Ellen DeGeneres, Nora Ephron or Meryl will be grabbing a latte at one of the million coffee shops and we can chat.  I sure do hope so!


Spencer Jay Kim said...

Are you sleeping now? You better be...