" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Theorys from a Torquato

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Theorys from a Torquato

I have many theories and today I will share them with you,or at least some of them.  You can thank me later.

1. Ikea - cute, cheap, cool, broken.  You go there and you see an overwhelming amount of furniture that's contemporary, cool and costs very little.  You buy it.  You assemble it with the pictures they provide since all the directions are in Swedish and you have a nice little piece in your bedroom, living room or office.  You actually think you got one over on someone because it's so darn cute and doesn't even look cheap but then it happens.  It gets wonky, the chair leg keeps wobbling and you have to screw it on tighter as it loosens about every three days.  The drawer doesn't slide in as easily and you have to force it with your hip.  Then the inevitable, it breaks.  The drawers are now on the floor and the cute dresser you bought now has one over on you.  It happens to all Ikea furniture, not sure about their lamps.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

2.  Laundry, it will take over your life and it can be bigger than you in both mass and intimidation.  Mine is.  I did 5 loads yesterday and didn't make a dent but I did sleep on clean sheets and I do feel lighter for it.  What does this mean?  You cannot, no matter how cute the rental is, how great the location is, how inexpensive the monthly fee is, go without laundry in your dwelling.  If you do, you will have an entire room dedicated to laundry that you may never wear again ... or maybe I'm just telling you how it goes in my world.  I sure do miss some of those outfits.  Sigh.

3. The couch.  It can be your best friend or it can be your best friend.  Remember how only you and your best friend could get into the kind of trouble that would send your Mom in a tizzy?  That's what I'm talking about.  My couch is like a buddy.  I can just be me around it. I can sleep on it.  I can eat on it.  I don't have to dress up for it. I can watch a movie on it and I'm sitting on it typing this blog to you right now.  I also can avoid exercise on it.  Pretend like I have no laundry on it and fall into a deep depression on it.  So yes it's a best friend and all that means wrapped up into one cozy ... OK, I love it too much to bad mouth it.  Everyone should have one and yet promise not to be on it too much.  I haven't made that promise yet but it's coming.

So these are just some of my theories this Sunday after a full moon that didn't look all that big to me.  I'm quite sure had I caught it at the right angle, during the perfect minute, it would have been amazing.  Such is life, it's all about the timing.  A to Z came at the perfect time in my life and as I market it, I most certainly will know that what comes from it, will be perfect too.