" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Vertigo be Vertigone

Friday, April 29, 2011

Vertigo be Vertigone

I've been working non stop.  Oh wait, I have had lunch and slept at night but other than that ... constant working.  If I'm not with Devon editing or talking with Bob about work solutions, I'm with Tony figuring out the music for the TV spots or emailing the client to get more information.  It's all I do.  Well, I'm not sure if it's because I froze my butt off during the two day shoot or because my brain isn't used to this level of concentration but I have a full blown case of vertigo.  Yesterday it was somewhat mild although it did cause me to fall when I stood up in the morning but today, I had to crawl to the bathroom.  It is like I was on the merry go round for about an hour and the entire room is spinning that fast.  Doesn't make me nauseous but it is hurting with the walking thing.

I did some online research and dehydration is not helping me.  When I was shooting outdoors I did not stay hydrated at all and really haven't done much about it since.  It was so freezing that I knew the water would immediately make me have to pee or make me even colder.  My body is not used to me denying it water so that was a bad start and when I got home I began drinking water to catch up but I think I got swept into the whole work til I drop thing and so that's what I'm doing ... dropping!  I'm quite sure if I drank a bunch of water, things would improve.  Now I'm going to blink my eyes like I dream of Jeannie and see if it appears on since I am typing this while flat on my back and am not prepared to stand up.  Have a stable, non dizzy day my blog friends!