" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Final thanks for the final scene

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Final thanks for the final scene

Julie and Julia was not a movie that was pulled out of the folded pieces of paper that I had strewn about on my couch.  Nope, when I shook those tiny white strips never did I open one up to see that movie.  However, it was my first inspiration to do A to Z with Meryl and Me so when I was struggling to figure out if I should do Music of the Heart, or French Lieutenant's Woman or House of Spirits or one of the other original movies that were drawn, it hit me like a brick.  I should absolutely do Julie and Julia as my final scene even though I make a horrid Julia Child.  I am physically about as opposite her as possible or close to it.  In terms of age, appearance, sound, and about a thousand other things, NEVER would I be cast to play Julia Child.  It might have been the craziest stretch of all and to be honest I'm not sure very many people actually enjoyed my performance.  Still, when it occurred to me to do a scene and then I decided to do a short, celebratory moment, I just felt it was the perfect choice for my final installment of my love project.  Once again, there were many to thank and truly if I were being honest I'd take the time to really talk about every single contributor to this project and it would blow your mind to see how many people were there for me.  I will spare you that long list ... for now and just say thanks to the Z scene contributors.

Beau Roberts was referred to me by Andrew Gardner and Jennifer Enskat.  They have had the pleasure of working with him and knew he was a creative person who could appreciate a project like mine. I first heard of Beau when Jen posted his short film on facebook, "The Man Who Knew Everything".  I was most impressed with the concept. Beau played the lead and wrote the script.  I loved so much about it and obviously I'm not the only one who feels that way. It recently received a Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas film festival!  Beau was there for me in a pinch to do this final scene and it proved to be the perfect choice.  Beau was able to provide me with insights, expertise and the utmost professionalism.  I loved working with him.  To learn more about Beau and find out how to contact him, go to his website at http://www.BeaunanzaMotionPictures.com.  Also, as if I didn't feel blessed enough to work with Beau he gave me the greatest compliment stating that my project actually inspired him to do one of his own.  To learn all about his "That Time of the Year" project go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGU-WCAn5Qs.  I cannot wait to be a part of it.

Marc Jaffe played the role of Paul Child.  Marc is the voice of those Subway commercials that you hear so often on the radio.  In fact, he's made quite a living using his voice over talents and is a hilarious writer.  He wrote for Seinfeld years ago and is the author of the books, "Sleeping with your Gynecologist, A Tale of My Life Marriage to an OB/GYN" and "Goo Goo Gaa Gaa, The Baby Talk Dictionary and Phrasebook".  I was so pleased to pull Marc out from behind the Microphone and away from the writing desk and put him on camera. He did an absolutely wonderful job.  He also offered his lovely home and somehow miraculously got a full house to be quiet in between takes.  What a trooper!  Actually, they all were and I so appreciate their gracious hospitality.  Recently, Marc co-wrote a play called, "Side Affects May Include".  It's a roller-coaster ride through an escalating mountain of pills, fidelity, secrets, questions of manhood and womanhood, age, desire, more pills, on-stage and bedroom performance anxiety, still yet more pills, and ultimately, an exploration of whether our deepest personalities and desires are anything more than chemical reactions within our brains. that deals with being married to someone with Parkinson's Disease.  Marc was extremely generous and supportive of me in my project but that doesn't begin to come close to the level of support he has provided for all those suffering with Parkinson's Disease.  Take a look at this, http://video.foxnews.com/v/4636815/ultimate-show-of-support. He is also an inventor of sorts.  Go to http://elijahdrinks.com/ to learn more about the cup that he created that is all the rage in the Jewish community. To contact Marc for work, call 216-570-4080.  You will be happy you did.

Camera Equipment was provided by DRM Productions, Inc. Beau was my connection to this production company.  I truly appreciate their contribution to my project.  They are North Central Ohio's only full service electronic media and print design firm.  To learn more about DRM go to http://www.drminc.com/index.html.

Location provided by The Jaffes.  As I stated earlier, they were so cooperative.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day, location and environment.  Thanks Jaffes!

Tech Support was provided by Terri Negron.  Terri I must reveal, is my sister.  Yes, I've waited this long to tell you because I never wanted you to think all of my accolades had anything to do with family.  It was not a bias on my part.  She came to my rescue more than once in the most professional way that goes beyond a blood connection.  I'm proud to call her my sister but I wanted you to know first that she rocks whether or not you are actually related to her.  To hire Terri, email her at terri@fengshui5.com.  She's amazing and I love her so.

Special thanks go to:

Jean Zarzour for the necklace.  Julia always wore pearls and I'm not a pearl lover so Jean left me stranded in a good way.

The Reel Thing was like a second office to me throughout this entire project. Thank you to Jimmy Silver ... very much.

Tony Nicholas was the man with the plan.  He came up with the idea to make A to Z bigger than I ever imagined way back in January 2010.  He also consulted with me for this final scene helping me make some tough decisions that ultimately made it all come off without a hitch. So once, again, Mr. Nicholas swept in with brilliant advice. 

Jennifer Enskat and Andrew Gardner were there for me when we did the J scene and the O scene and the R scene and this time although Andy had too much work to come to Cleveland yet again to shoot for me, he and Jen recommended Beau. What an awesome thing.  Some people can come to your assistance no matter how far away they are.

Well this isn't my final post but soon it will be.  Of course since today is our last day on earth and there's a rapture at 6:00 PM, maybe it is my last post.  Either way, thank you for reading and watching and it's never too late to send my channel link around to your friends. http://www.youtube.com/nancytelzerow