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Monday, May 16, 2011

Been thinking A LOT

Some things have happened lately that has my mind scurrying about to make sense of it all.  What a useless waste of time but nevertheless here they are ...

1.  I completed A to Z only to find myself feeling very sad that more didn't happen during the year.  I then jumped head first into a huge ad campaign that took my mind off of A to Z but had me feeling less than fulfilled.  I now am almost at the completion of that project and find myself thinking of the actual marketing of A to Z which has me totally overwhelmed.

2.  A to Z taught me a lot about myself and others or at least my perception of others.  There were those who supported me out of the blue, so unexpectedly.  There were those who seemed to do nothing but criticize.  There will still others who were completely silent leaving me to fill in the blanks and jump to some horrible conclusions that cannot possibly be all true.  What matters most is not what anyone else thinks of the A to Z journey ... it's all what I think.

3.  My family relationships have gone down the toilet.  I have siblings mad at me and I'm quite sure they would completely disown me if it weren't for the whole "I have to love you because you're family" thing.  My daughter is back living with me which is a blessing and a challenge.

4.  Then today I read this on facebook.  It was written by a very blissful man.  He's a health and metaphysical guru for many but what I continue to go back to is it appears that he has nothing but success in his life. His attitude of gratitude really works for him and we all could take a page from that book.  He wrote,
Despite what you may or may not believe - what if you actually chose your parents? And in doing so, the one thing you wish (or wished) you could change about them is the very thing you're here to change about yourself, are you up to the task?

Well this got me thinking for sure.  It's so easy to criticize our parents or our co-workers or our neighbors but what if no matter who it is we think needs to learn our lessons, the lessons that we think they need to learn are actually our OWN.  What if the thing that bothers us most about others is the thing we are most likely to do to others.  What if the person we're trying to fix is the one in the mirror.  Hmm.  

Well, that's enough out of me.  I have to finish doctoring up my final thank you's for the Z scene and then wrap up this bloggadoodle.  Please feel free to comment or take this to heart or even think I'm talking to you.  I'm really just talking to me but who doesn't need to hear it, right?


Spencer Jay Kim said...

You have me thinking now. ouuuuuuch.