" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: The New Math

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The New Math

So I did this gig last week.  I was on the production side of the camera, aka in hell. But I digress. Actually I don't really think crew work is so bad but it's just not for me.  Disclaimers aside, once again, I was entrusted with the purse. I was given 1000 to buy materials for the shoot, some of which would be returned to the store.  At least a few hundred were nonreturnable.  Still, I was working everything out to the penny and doing very well until I did the Math last night.

I added all of the return receipts and the money received and the money came up short. I was extremely tired so maybe I counted wrong but it seemed pretty off. Now I must get up and do new Math. We'll call it the I only slept four hours cuz I was so worried Math and then get on with my day.  I also may take a trip to my car where I could find that the money fell out of my purse or some hidden items or something!!!  Oh well, we'll see. Wish me luck and easy calculating.