" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Wrapping up is hard to do

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wrapping up is hard to do

That's a new song title to the tune of Breaking Up is Hard to Do and believe me, I'm feeling both!  I finally think my work with the client that came after A to Z is completely over.  I need to fedex one CD and get my final check to the tune of 5800 and I can put this baby to rest.  I'm not financially strapped in any way but I really want to put it behind me and not think about owing others money or being owed money.  It has been a real burden.  I also finished that week long project I did last week after adding numbers and counting a wad of cash about 25 times. Now I cannot wait to drop off the money and the props so I can put that behind me as well.

Next up I have a trip to Seattle for my union convention in July and a trip to LA in August where I am getting  my new pics and where I plan to network, hike, take classes and spend a wonderful week doing acting stuff that I love.  Two things I very much look forward to and have for some time.  It's nice to see them in the near future. As for the immediate future, I'm attempting a breather where I do a lot of physical exercise and mental clean up.  The stress of this past year has been grueling and it's time I chill, so I will.  What will you do this summer?  Catch some rays?  I also look forward to basking in the sun.  Ahh, I'm relaxing already.

BTW, sorry this post is so boring, nothing very exciting to report right now but I'm sure something else will pop up soon! I will let you know.