" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: So it all started about a week ago today ... time to get you up to speed

Friday, January 29, 2010

So it all started about a week ago today ... time to get you up to speed

I watched the movie, Julie and Julia and absolutely loved it for so many reasons.  I loved that Julie had a passion for cooking and decided to write about that passion.  I loved that she chose an idol of hers as her inspiration and I loved the performances of all involved, especially Meryl Streep who forever knocks my socks off with her interpretations.  Just consider me sockless when it comes to Meryl.  If you'd like to learn more about the plot of the movie, go to IMDB.com and read all about it.  I'll wait ...  la la la "you're so vain, you probably think this song is.."  ahem, sorry didn't know you were already back.  I like to sing while I wait.  So, after watching that movie and then watching the movie, Doubt only a day later, I determined that Meryl Streep could very possibly be the most versatile actor out there.  I can think of others that inspire me like Judy Dench, Frances McDormand, Diane Keaton, Gena Rowlands and the list goes on but Meryl has a vast filmography.  To play even a fraction of her roles would mean to master accents, musical instruments and emotions beyond the beyond.

This all got me thinking.  I should write a blog with video, but what would I write about?  Well, Julie wrote about cooking because that was her love.  It was the one thing that could take her mind off her troubles and make her fulfilled, so what would do that for me?  ACTING.  There are other things I love in life but I have said it time and again, I'm so blessed to get work in a field that makes me happy from the tip of my head to my toes, as acting does.  I love to perform.  I love print, on camera, voice over.  I love it all.  So, why not have a blog that involves me acting?  I decided to call it A to Z with Meryl and Me.  Now, let's be clear on this, I do not fancy myself to be at her level of expertise.  I do not think I'm just like Meryl other than the fact that we both love to act, and have hair.  I have no intentions of imitating her.  This is not an impersonation of Meryl Streep which I would guess could only be horrifying.  I truly will act 26 scenes from 26 of her movies.  Most of the scenes will be two person scenes. They will be modest in their production needs.  They will be poignant (I hope) and touch whoever watches it, in some way or another.  Of course, I'm hoping that it doesn't touch you in a Sanjaya sort of way, but if it does, so be it.

Here's how it will work.  The first video will air on Youtube, facebook,nancytelzerow.com and HERE, on February 14.  The list includes Meryl movies beginning with the letters A to Z.  Naturally, she did not do a film beginning with the letter X so I picked randomly for that slot and a few others.  Speaking of random, the entire selection is just that.  I selected from a hat, movies according to their first letter in the title.  I did not want this to be an exercise in self gratification. It was important to me that it was the luck of the draw.  You'll see in the list that some of her best films are included and some of her less popular ones are there too.  Some you will remember, and some you will have never seen. Heck, before beginning this project, I had only seen 6 of the 26 films.   This will all take place over the span of a year.  Every two weeks you'll see a new release and in between there will be footage of pre production, and all that goes with getting it all together.

Here's the list:

A Adaptation
B Before and After
C A Cry in the Dark aka Evil Angels
D Defending Your Life
E Evening
F The French Lieutenant's Wife
G Bridges of Madison County
H The Hours
I   Ironweed
J  Julia
K Kramer vs. Kramer
L  Lions for Lambs
M Marvin's Room
N Music of the Heart
O One True Thing
P Postcards from the Edge
Q Prairie Home Companion
R River Wild
S Silkwood
T The Seduction of Joe Tynan
U The House of Spirits
V She Devil
W Heartburn
X Out of Africa
Y Falling in Love
Z It's Complicated

If that list doesn't take your breath away, it sure does mine.  OMG, like I said I had only seen 6 of these films just a week ago and although I had heard of many of the others, I truly had and still have no idea what I'm getting myself into ... and I love it.  What an incredible challenge.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see your first video!

jenn bloom said...

Nancy, She is my absolute favorite! I have seen most of these movies and can't wait to follow your blog. Jenn

Nancy T said...

I'm so glad you're intrigued. Feel free to subscribe to my blog so you'll know when all the good stuff is happening. Looks like we'll be shooting our first scene very soon. It airs on February 14. Hope you like it!