" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Adaptation - Thanks to everyone who helped me on this scene.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adaptation - Thanks to everyone who helped me on this scene.

As of right now, I don't know if there will be typed credits rolling at the end of my first "film" so I will type them and embellish, if you don't mind.

Devon Collins
Director, Director of Photography, Editor

I met Devon years ago on a shoot for Ernst & Young, I think. I'm not sure which client it was because it was so long ago. To this day, the work that he did on that training video still ranks as one of the most well lit and beautifully shot videos I've done. On that day, he was easy to work with and that has not changed one bit. So, if you need someone to shoot your video, and you don't want an argument just another creative mind, Devon is your guy.

Gregory DelTorto
To contact him, friend him on facebook. Recent credits include My Soul To Take 1 and 2. Currently he's working on a script for a sports comedy and a new website venture, itsournetwork.com

I met Greg years ago when doing the play Steel Magnolias in the early 90s. There was a role of a radio announcer and I remember being dazzled by his voice. The director told me Greg was really on the radio, and at that age and stage of my career, I was officially blown away. Years later, I saw Greg again when we both worked as Announcers at Sea World of Ohio. That voice still carries.

Wendall Hinkle
Location Manager
Local 399

To learn more about Wendall, visit IMDB.com and see his long list of credits including: My Name is Earl, Entourage, The Notebook to name a few. I learned of Wendall Hinkle through Amy Betonte. Amy was a girl I knew from Ashtabula, Ohio. I met her when I was in High School, became her friend on facebook and posted a request for help on my filming. What does all that equal? Wendall, now that's a dream come true.

Margie Rowe

Margie was a connection of Wendall's and she was so wonderful. From offering food to moving furniture to her final statement "Any time you need a place, you can use my house. You've gotta support the arts", she was an absolute doll.

2nd location
The Reel Thing, 3029 Prospect (recording studio)

The Reel Thing recording studio has been in business for 35 years. I've been blessed to work there quite a bit over the past few. I was one of the co hosts of the TV show, The Howard Hanna Sunday Showcase of Homes, recorded at The Reel Thing. I've always said, The Reel Thing feels like going home. Other clients include: Subway, All local hospitals, YSU, Lubrizol and the list goes on and on.

Terri Negron
Web Designer, Tech Support, Video Uploads etc.

What can I say about Terri? Well, just look around. It's all her. My website, my blog, my posts on youtube, you name it, she has touched, tweaked and uploaded it! I have said this time and again, Terri makes you feel like you are her ONLY client. It's as though she sits by the phone and computer waiting for her next assignment from YOU. This, of course is not true, she has several clients both for web design and Feng Shui BUT you just feel like the only one when you send her something and you see it posted a mere 4 minutes later. Speedy Gonzales has nothing on Terri.

Additional thanks go to:

Susan Orlean who WROTE ME BACK. I mean, come on people. She is a best selling author. She writes for the New Yorker and when I dropped her an email, asking the silliest of questions, she responded. Her words to me were of encouragement and they truly made my day. In fact, if I'm feeling down, I think of her writing to me and realize the many possibilities that are before me.

Tony Nicholas aka the one who said, "Don't shoot this yourself. Get a crew. Get more people involved. The more who attach themselves to your project, the wider it will spread." OK, he's brilliant.

Jimmy Silver who has encouraged me from day one, step one, jumping up and down squealing moment number 1 to 100. He has listened to my excitement, worries, fears, anticipations and only offered support, all the while feeding me oats and healthy salad to keep me strong.

Jay Kim who has listened to me crabbing about various topics not limited to but including: contacts, schedule mishaps, changes in the plan, and my appearance on film. Bless his heart, poor guy.

Allen Kellogg who was in the middle of editing his OWN film but took time out of a completely hectic schedule to edit my first, hey this is what I'm doing, video. So sweet and above and beyond the call of duty.

Tracy Glassman
who spent no less than an hour and a half putting contacts in my spastic eyes all while wiping blood from her sons eye, due to a household accident, after coming home from the gym not even showered yet, no dinner in this girl, and feeling under the weather with a sinus infection. How she remained upbeat and sweet is beyond me.

Chuck Chubbuck
who shot my 2nd video of the credits that I released today. Chuck is the owner of C-squared productions and has been a friend and colleague for years. I appreciate all of his support that he's been giving to me every step of the way during this project and even just moments ago on the phone.

Thank you all and thanks to all the readers, commenters, subscribers, followers, encouragers, rock n rollers. I love you all!