" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: the editors connected to the hard drive, the dp's connected to the light box...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

the editors connected to the hard drive, the dp's connected to the light box...

Remember that song, the hip bone's connected to the thigh bone? Well, actually it may not be connected to the thigh bone but do you remember it, huh? It was all about how everything's connected and if one thing's off the whole thing won't work or at least that part was inferred. WELL, this whole shoot for the "B" installment is that times 10. Let me show you what I mean...

First we had Jay and Joe B for actors. Then we had Dave L as the shooter (DP). We also had Jay doing the editing.

Now we have Jay and Dave T for actors. We have Noel M as the shooter. Jay is still editing.

Because we have this different combo, we now need lights. So Woodie has offered to loan us his. Also we need sound, so Allen K. is loaning us his boom. The new shooting format means we also need someone to log or record the takes. We need a boom operator too. I put a call out to Andy S to see if he could do it ... no word yet. I considered asking my daughter, Cassie, to do the log portion but since her first question was, "do I get paid", I'm not sure she's the best choice.

So, if all goes well, there will be Me, Jay, Dave T, Noel, Boom Op, Script Supervisor. I have no idea who will fill the shoes of the last two positions. This totally makes me miss the Devon days when somehow we got it all together with almost no input from anyone else. Even though that placed tremendous pressure on us, it also meant less heads to count and accommodate. I'm so not complaining about the wonderful people involved. I just have a hard time asking for favors or help from people. Finding even more people at 10 PM on Sunday night after working a 9 hour shift is also a bit taxing.

I'm exhausted. I would love to be thinking of ONLY the acting but I have a bird in my ear asking me about every technical nuance of this job, thus pulling my focus and making me STRESS. Did I mention, I'm not good with extreme stress?

Between now and noon tomorrow I need to come up with my costume, solidify my lines, find two people from thin air, plan the trips in two directions to get the boom, and the lights and REST. I must rest. I really need to focus on the acting but the circumstances aren't letting me.