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Thursday, March 25, 2010

video, video where art thou?

So I was just attempting for the millionth time to post a video for the B and C credits and the battery died on my flip camera!  DARN!  It was gonna be a good one.  Actually, I can say that now, since you won't see it ... hee hee hee.  I have a tiny regret that I said I would create a separate video for all of the credits for each scene since I have yet to be successful at doing that alone.  YIKES!  I'll get it right soon ... I will... I think... I hope.. oh gosh, I don't know.

I'm about to head home to select the actual scenes from She Devil and A Prairie Home Companion.  I thought I had already selected one for PHC but now I'm tossed up between two possible scenes.  It would be much easier to locate that script online and do some editing to get one perfect scene together.  I will have to get to that soon.  I put an order, at the library, for the last couple of movies I need to watch.  I love the fact that I've had to watch 26 films and have not spent a dime on any of them because they've all come from the library, online or in one case at the movie theater with a free pass!  Yippee!  I feel like I'm getting one over on somebody but I'm not sure who.  The bottom line is anywhere I can save money on this project is a good thing.

We're still confirming the location and time of Monday's shoot.  I sure hope it all works out.  I'm going to sign off now ... kinda sleepy ... need a break.


Terri said...

Hey Nancy, to recharge your flip video just plug it into a USB port on a computer and leave there for awhile. Each time you plug it in, it automatic charges for you. K?

Jay said...

What, do you need me to charge it for you too? Sheesh.