" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: rehearsal, planning, and lots of worries

Friday, April 9, 2010

rehearsal, planning, and lots of worries

Tomorrow marks my first and only rehearsal for the "E" scene and its with Cathy Albers! You're astute. I'm sure you caught the fact that she's a woman. I'm thrilled to be working with Cathy. I haven't shared screen time with her since we did a short film called, "The Script Doctor". She played a Dr and I was her patient. I thought she was awesome but that's not why I asked her to do this role. She and I have co-chaired the AFTRA Conservatory Committee for a few years now. We have this knack of getting a lot accomplished, in a short amount of time with the efficiency of a team of 50. It is for those reasons plus a hundred others that I wanted to do this scene with her.

I want to shoot this scene on Tuesday so it can air on Wednesday, the 14th. Problem is I don't have a DP. Truth be told, if I could throw a tiny bit like gas, food, babysitting money towards one I think it would be easier to find. I've been managing a bit of food and sometimes gas but not much else. I use my own income for my bills but if I had just a spare 100 per week I think I could make do. Hmm. Now I will ask a question. Readers, oh readers, silent, sweet readers, do you have any idea how I could make this happen? I realize you might want to tell me your brilliant idea in a more private forum so please email me at ntorq@aol.com. This isn't a request for money, just incredible brainstorming ideas from my brilliant audience. Is that enough buttering up? I sure hope so!