" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Could I be more confused? I think not.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Could I be more confused? I think not.

I am running out of time and I must make a decision over the G scene.

I wanted to do animation since it could be far less taxing production-wise, but finding the perfect scene is not easy without ever seeing the movie. Meryl's animated films are not online and I can't find them in the libraries. I don't want to buy a bunch of animated movies I don't even like so ... hmm.

Then there's replacing the g scene with another wild card. All of my other wild card scenes require way more time than we have and the other actors are not available. Again I say ... hmm.

So I went back to the filmography and found the movie, Prime. I've already seen it. I already know what scene I'd want to do. The location would be easy to find. Seems perfect, right?  Well I need a girl to play the Uma Thurman role. She needs to appear like she's at least mid 30s. Oh crap! That just made me think of someone, so as I walk into my building with the movie, Prime under my arm, I hope that the girl I'm thinking of isn't pregnant. Uh oh. I think she is, now I'm back to ... hmmmmmmm.


Unknown said...

I would love to help you with this! I'm not sure if I can look like I'm in my 30's? What do you think?

Nancy T said...

Mandy, I would love to have you in the role but you're too young, sweetie. She needs to be more like my age! Yikes! Oh, I wish though. Thanks so much for offering. You're a sweetie pie.