" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: edits, meetings, a speech and a go-see

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

edits, meetings, a speech and a go-see

Yesterday was quite an adventure. First I had a go-see in Columbus. Go-see's are for print jobs. No talking, just still shots. They literally saw hundreds of people for this one job. Why? There were 10-12 people they needed and the pay is promised to be good. We were either acting as doctors or patients. I chose to be a patient because I couldn't find my lab coat. In this case, it was a great choice. There was some acting involved. I had to be a patient with chronic back pain. The photographer was great. His crew was wonderful. The two hour wait was long and I stood the whole time. I come from a family of sitters but I figured I'd look more like I had a backache if I were standing. The photographer said I did an excellent job ... we'll see.

Then I was on the road back to Cleveland for the rest of my hectic day. I thought that I would have had plenty of time to relax, change clothes, catch my breath before going to my meetings but not after a two hour wait. I went directly downtown and commenced the meetings.

First I met with Peter Sampson, of Creative House and then I met with Matt and Brian of Rare Form Digital, along with Peter. It was very exciting. Got to see the final cut of The River Wild scene. It looks great. There's plenty of shots where you get to see the other performances. The sounds are ominous. The look of the backgrounds is perfect. If I didn't know better, I'd say we were on the water. Nice job to all involved.

Then I grabbed a bite to eat with Joe Bonamico, a former husband of mine, three times over. He has played opposite me on stage and we have a great acting chemistry. He was in town for an audition at 2 PM but waited around for me and my shenanigans and took me to dinner before attending the AFTRA event. I really needed to sit for just a second before my next meeting.

It was the AFTRA Conservatory event, where normally I would be the hostess and organizer but instead was the guest speaker. There was a good amount of people all perked up and ready to listen to me go on and on and on about A to Z. No matter what I did to prepare for this talk, which mostly involved thinking, I had no idea what I was going to say. I just figured I'd tell the story. Then before I spoke, Cathy Nowlin, did an intro about me. She talked about my history of involvement with AFTRA. I was tired just hearing about it! What a sweetie. She really made me sound like Norma Ray. Had I let myself, I would have been a blubbering idiot. She really said kind words and I was choked up by her taking the time to actually research my history for her intro. That Cathy, it just doesn't get better than her when you're talking about an Executive Director. We all just love her! Well, like I said, I did go on and on, kinda like this post and then they asked me questions. Toward the end they wanted to know my hopes for the outcome of my A to Z with Meryl and Me. Of course I mentioned the many films Meryl Streep is rumored to be shooting soon and that she does have the power to get me a role. Then Sue Johnson, of Wake Up and Live offered to do another entire segment about A to Z on her show to help get the word out there. Shortly after the meeting, Ellen, a member I just met last night, offered to make inquiries to magazines for me. I got up in front of that group, was all fired up about the project and the love came flowing in ... doncha see? I started this whole thing with the A scene on Valentine's Day and the love has been flowing my way ever since. Maybe there is something to that "made up" holiday, after all.

Last but certainly not least, I went to the She Devil edit. I was laughing my face off at the performances. The kids were amazing. Vic was perfection. Jeannie was hysterical and all of the other elements that were taken care of, including my make up by Karen Laskodi and table dressings provided by Ilona, were stupendous. I mean it, just awesome.

I've decided to release the R and S scenes as a double feature since it's been a while since a scene has been posted. Let's hope that tomorrow can be the day for that. Sooooooooooo excited. I'm just waiting for the credits to be finished and quicktime files to be sent my way. Wow, wait until you see the contrast of these two scenes ... loving it.