" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Posting Late in the Day

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Posting Late in the Day

A to Z update ... I have a busy Monday coming up.  Tomorrow, first thing, I have to get on the road to Columbus for a go-see.  It's a very lucrative job that my agent asked me to go for and so I will travel to a photographer's studio and hope to book it.  Then I come back to town and I have a meeting with The River Wild team.  We will once and for all put this thing to bed ... yippee!  I'm going to get to see the changes I requested and I'm sure I will love what I see.  Then I have to go to the AFTRA office for a Conservatory Event.  Normally I would just co-chair the event but in this case, I'm the headliner.  I am the event.  It's about following your dream and creating your own work with a great emphasis on what I've done with A to Z.

I'm sure Meryl Streep's day is just as hectic and probably more eventful.  She just finished her 3 episode story arc on Web Therapy and she has quite a few movies that she's been rumored to be involved with ... I would love to do one with her.  Yes, I absolutely would.

Did you write your letters to Oprah?  Looking for some outside help here.