" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Nine months of hard labor

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nine months of hard labor

It just occurred to me that each scene is like a baby for me.  Some are easy births, some are breach and some are twins, albeit fraternal.  Yesterday's two play, double feature, twins were a long time coming but I'm so glad to have them ready to be seen.  It's just now starting to hit me that I have only 7 scenes left.  We've come a really long way.

I've made some lasting friendships that I never expected.  What an incredible team I have.  Not only do the people who actually work directly on the scenes contribute a heckuva lot but then there are all the people watching doing their part too.  Bob Stefanov has been throwing real work my way and referrals for help on this project from day one.  Woodie Anderson loaned me an amazing light kit for the entire time!  Sue Johnson has had me on her program and will again, to talk about A to Z.  The list goes on and on.  These are people who just want to help.  Well, you know how I get ... mushy and stuff, but it's true.  They have been there for me.  I am so grateful.

What's next?  That's always the question, isn't it?  Well, I need to figure out a T scene by the end of this month and I really want to shoot both December scenes in the very beginning of December so we can get that holiday break.  Which really means that I'll be working like crazy in pre-production for the 3 scenes that will be shot in January.  This is crunch time people.

On another note, I got a call yesterday, a referral from Dave Thomas and Bob Stefanov, about an audition for a local talk show.  It's an internet show that will begin shooting in spring.  A to Z with Meryl and Me ends in February and this starts around March.  Sounds good, right?  That audition is Wednesday at 10 AM so I'll let you know how it goes.  Devon Collins will be working on it so I already know what the vibe will be.  Sounds great to me!  So thanks to everyone for the great referrals.

Now what do I want?  Say it with me.  Meryl Streep needs to call me with a plan to give me a supporting or starring role in a film with her.  I don't have to act in the same scenes with her but I don't want a "here's your umbrella" one liner either.  Yeah, yeah, I know, there are no small parts ... bla bla bla ... the heck with that, I'll take a big, fat role.  Thank you very much, Meryl Streep.


Terri said...

Very cool! A talk show? Won't be able to be "quiet as a mouse" than! Go Nancy!