" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Plans, Schemes and rrrrrr?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Plans, Schemes and rrrrrr?

Last night I met with Jean Zarzour and Vic Gideon to plan a portion of She Devil, my next scene.  Brace yourself for Jean's performance, it will be hysterical.  Vic is going to be perfection in his role and the shoot is going to be a great time.  There are two kids in the scene, Daniel and Halle Sovich will be playing those roles.  I worked with Daniel on a training video earlier this year and truly felt like this kid is going to be big someday.  Online I saw a video of Daniel and his sister, Halle singing, they were tremendous.  I have zero worries about their abilities to play their roles.

Then there's the location.  Yesterday I went to see it ... OMG, it's absolutely lovely and will be fabulous in the scene.  At our 3:30 call time, Ilona will begin the product placement and preparation. We are going to showcase her Budapest Blonde marguerita mixes ... isn't that exciting?  Jeannie will do her best to get old and appear like she's my Mother.  I will be setting the table with elegant dishes ... oh my still don't have those yet.  Might have to ask The Jimmy for some of his silver collection.  Devon will be setting lights and camera.  I have to come completely ready so I can help everyone select wardrobe and get it all set. We should be ready to shoot between 4 and 4:30 and then knock this puppy out of the park.  It's another comedy very soon after Prime.

The River Wild will definitely break up the funny with some drama and suspense.  Wait until you see Freddie, John, Ian and Mick. They did a killer job.

Next up, need to figure out the T scene so we can shoot it rather soonish.  Not sure which one it will be.  Better get cracking on it.  Meryl Streep would be so proud of me ... I think.  Actually, I recently found out she's doing webisodes!  Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) has a new web show.  So Meryl is actually coming over to "my network" so to speak.  Sheesh, this is getting ridiculous.  I  might have to call Lisa Kudrow and get in one of those webisodes.  Who can help me with that?