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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogging From Bed

I've been waking up very early and going to sleep way too late. Why? Not by preference of course. I've got a lot on mind you could say. Since February 14, I have had many ups and downs, ins and outs, happys and sads but it as I begin thinking about what might happen after my last 6 installments of A to Z, frankly I worry.  The what if monster takes over.  I don't even want to write the what ifs that are swimming through my mind.  I wouldn't want to put it out there.  Let's just say this, I used to visualize amazing things for myself and my career and now ... I can't see it.  I know I could manipulate my feelings to try to visualize it but honestly, that's just me tricking myself.  It's like hiding the cookies and pretending they're not in the house.  We all know where they are and how many there are and exactly what they taste like.  Or it's like setting the clock 15 minutes ahead ... silly.  People just take an extra 15 minutes because they know they have that cushion and end up late anyway.  Well, enough of the examples.  You get me.

I did get some good news though the other day.  I was talking with Dawn Lafferty from the Q scene aka Prime, and she said that she was contacted for work as the result of someone seeing her in Prime!  It's a good gig too, really lucrative.  So, it's official.  Now I know for sure that both the actors and crew members have gotten work from this project.  I also got some work from it, in the beginning.  Needless to say, if nothing else came of it that would be enough.

I'm still sad though.  If you get a minute please pass along the link to the Heartburn scene, aka the T scene.  I know it's a bit of a downer but we all worked so hard on it and I want people to see what Jeremy and Jay did.


Spencer Jay Kim said...

I can see all the wonderful things in your career...crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else out there in Nancy's gravitational pull think maybe...just maybe...there's a great book waiting to be born from all this?

Most of the heavy lifting has been done (awful grammar) already in the blog.

- Thai Restaurant Guy