" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: No camera, no editing system ...no problem

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No camera, no editing system ...no problem

Tomorrow is the T shoot.  It's a bit behind schedule but such is life.  Jay's camera is not looking like it is going to be fixed right now.  That means I have a shooter but no camera.  Then there's the editing system we always use, or rather Jay uses when he edits ... it's frozen.  Oh my!!!  Somehow I know I will write to you in a couple of days and tell you of the great miracle that occurred thus allowing our shoot and edit to go on without a hitch but at this point I'm not sure what that miracle will be.

I also have to find the perfect wardrobe and figure out the hair and makeup thing for tomorrow's shoot.  My character is pregnant and it takes place a couple of decades ago.  This normally would not be important to me but it's autobiographical so I think it should be time appropriate.  Also, my character was in the beauty salon and only got half of her hair done when she rushed home to have the scene that I'm about to do so how will I pull off that look?  I guess I'll do it like everything else ... cram and make it work.  Just like in school ... wait until the last minute and then get a decent grade.  That used to make my friends crazy.  I think I do better under pressure.

Wish us luck ... not for the performances of course, that would be bad luck, but for the situation.  May we find a camera, an editing system and a pregnant half hairdo look by tonight.


Terri said...

Gooooooooooo Nancy! I know it will come together!