" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: and then came the Snow

Sunday, January 23, 2011

and then came the Snow

All winter long I've been hoping that Ohio was finally becoming a warm weather state.  I know, that in essence means I'm all for global warming but I wasn't getting that deep with it.  So, all for November and quite a lot of December I was thrilled that not only was there very little snow but also the driving was nice and maybe, just maybe my wish was coming true.  Still, daily I would wake up and after counting how long I slept because we all know how important morning math is, I would hesitantly look out my window hoping to see green or brown even and especially NO white stuff.  With that apprehension came a sigh of relief but there was always a moment of stress before I saw the lack of snow.  So, now here I sit looking out the window and there's a blanket of the stuff.  Don't get me wrong, it can be beautiful, especially if you have a roaring fire or a cup of hot tea BUT it amounts to one state that I do not love, colddddd... brrrrrr.  The thing is though, now that it's here, the "worst" has happened.  And where am I?  Wherever that is, I'm OK.  I'm fine.

So, if at the end of my A to Z Meryl Streep does NOT contact me, where will I be?  I will be wherever I am all fine and OK and perhaps just slightly chilly. 

Yesterday I spoke with Dev who asked the all important question and one I've heard so much lately, "have you thought about what you'll do when this is all done and how does that make you feel?"  Leave it to Dev to suddenly get all deep on me!  Yes, I have thought of it and I've heard so many opinions ... too many, as to what I should do.  Well I'm not gonna should all over myself but I will be sure to keep you posted once the answer appears before me less fuzzy than it is now.

Oh and have you seen Marvin's Room?  What about Silkwood?  What letter are you on?