" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Counting Z's

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Counting Z's

Took a five hour nap yesterday and slept 8 hours last night, in case you're counting ... I am!  I imagine after February 14 I will sleep for 5 straight days.  I hope I can have all necessities delivered, could be necessary.

Did I mention that I'm doing a video every single day for the last 30 days of my project?  Yep, I began on January 14 and basically it's a recording of how I feel each and every day.  The idea is that I'll have something even more than this blog that illustrates all that went on this crazy year and the final month.  In the end it could make for a short film or the basis for something bigger or a book or who knows. It was suggested I do this by my friend, Kelly Sullivan Walden.  Kelly is an author and she has been doing PR lately for a few clients.  I'm not sure if I completely grasped what it was all for but I do realize someday in the future I will want to know just how I was feeling so I'm doing it anyway.  These will not be viewable as individual days but someday I'll release it all together.

Next up, planning for Music of the Heart.  When this all began I pictured myself getting violin lessons and learning to play, as Meryl Streep did for the film.  The scene I selected though, does not have her playing in it at all. She's merely holding a violin and listening to her class play.  So now I must find a class.  I have an idea of who I could contact for one and I was thinking maybe I could have them do the scene where they don't play well at all but then have them play any piece they want, the way they really play and run it over the credits.  Wouldn't that be so nice?  It could get them some exposure and all of their parents would love to see it.  Hmm, that's just me thinking.  Better contact that woman and see if she thinks it's cool. BTW, that scene, if I'm successful at pulling it all together is a comedy ... whew, right?  Then there will be the scene from Bridges of  Madison County which is a romantic scene and finally It's Complicated, another comedy.

As was pointed out to me, a lot of these scenes aren't exactly pick me ups so I'm happy to end on an upbeat scene.  Sheesh, Meryl Streep loves her dramas, doesn't she?  Actually truth be told, she receives the scripts that are given to her and happen to be dramas, hence the picking the films out of the air versus me selecting my favorites.  Had I just chosen my favorites I would have been doing scenes from all of her comedies and maybe only one or two dramas. That sure wouldn't have filled a year. Let's face it, the way I did it was more of a challenge and in the end I'll be glad I did it.

One more thing ... about my eyebrow ... it grew back!  I told you a while back I had a slip up but what I haven't mentioned is that I've been in a silent panic because it appeared I was going to be a mono brow for life and not like Bert on Sesame Street just a girl missing one eyebrow!  Great news, it's back!  WHEW again.