" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: I'm a Libra, in case you didn't know

Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm a Libra, in case you didn't know

Libras need balance.  Don't believe in astrology?  No merit to it?  Hmm, OK, well let's just say this about me and I sure hope you can agree that I might know me better than most ...

I seek harmony, balance and equality.  Wow, that sounds just like a Libra doesn't it?  Well, looky there.  I think the balance and harmony part is especially true in my case although once I did quit a steady and very loved job just because I found out I wasn't getting paid equally to my male counterparts.  Yes, justice is oh so important to me too.

With that said, it has always been a feeling of mine that if your job sucks, then I wish you love. If your kids are terrific, then maybe your finances might not be.  If you live in the perfect home and city, maybe you won't have the perfect partner.  Hmm, what does that say about me?  It says that I figure everyone has stuff that's not "perfect" in their eyes but they get through because so much of the other stuff is tremendous.  So, while I do not like where I live and that is the grandest understatement of all. And I'm constantly worried about my daughter and her lack of drive, goals, happiness.  And let's face it, my money situation leaves a lot to be desired.  Guess what my one gift to myself and my true balance has come from?  Acting. Yes, acting.  That's the only job I wouldn't quit if I won the lottery.  I am blessed.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I try to make everything I do fun.  I always tell my Mama, "let's go have an adventure" when I go visit.  She says that when I take her places in Ashtabula it's like she's out of town and she can't believe it.  I take her where she would never go and I make it fun.  That's pretty much how I run my show.  Chances are, if I'm not home weeping on the couch, I'm somewhere else and I'm having FUN.  Yep, fun. I  think it's so important and I make sure to have it.

If I got a job elsewhere, which btw, I tried to do about a year and a half ago with not ONE valid response other than a couple of acting gigs ... but I digress.  If I did that, I would make it fun.  I would give it my all. I'm not the mail it in type.  I would make money.  I would pay bills and I would buy some tights no doubt or a dress or maybe some shoes.  But, that would be my last gift to myself my acting, gone bye bye.  People say you could still act but not many jobs that pay well, allow you to drop everything and go to an audition.  And I tend to be a singularly focused type.  Here's an example. Recently, I worked with my web designer on a website.  I was the link to the client. I knew what the client would want and love and I gave my two cents all day long to Terri who made it all a very beautiful reality.  Did I email my actors during that time?  nope.  Did I plan my locations then?  nope.  Did I do anything about A to Z besides blog?  Um, NOPE.  I tend to get focused.  I dropped all of my own stuff and did that, happily because I love doing stuff for others and I knew it was going to be awesome.  Still, it is my belief knowing myself as I do, that if I had a job where ever that might be, not that anyone is hiring, but if I did I would pour my heart and soul into it and then my heart and soul would be happy that I was no longer worrying everyone but I'd be in Ohio, hating that.  Still would be worried about Cassie and now not even have the one love of mine. Hmm, where's the balance there I ask?

I don't want to talk about it anymore. Next up, I have to finish A to Z with Meryl and Me. I must email my actors.  I need to plan my shoots and locations and Directors of Photography and I need to keep my chin up (thanks Carla).  Tomorrow I will post the thanks to The River Wild Scene.  I am going to go have some fun now, cuz that's what I do. Meryl Streep is probably having fun right now too and although I never try to imitate her, I do wish to emulate her style.  So, here goes ... this is me signing off.  Thanks to all who care.