" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Double Phew!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Double Phew!

I handed in the options to the client for that amusement park and he was more than amused by them.  In fact, he said he liked them all, was going to digest them more and get back to me.  This means that I get a breather and so does my team. Did I mention, phew?!  Cuz that's how I feel all phewful.  What a relief.  Playing characters of all different sorts is my comfort zone as long as it's on camera or on stage.  In real life, I can do without being someone completely out of my element.

Next up, I must plan for my April departure to LA.  Yes, in April I will be making an appointment to get my new headshots done and to meet with as many industry folks as humanly possible in a brief stay.  I have to save up for this adventure and get all of my ducks in a row before then. I remember once upon a time talking to a friend and she was lamenting that she could be more organized.  She was saying that she admires people who have all their ducks in a row and I said, "I know what you mean, mine aren't even ducks."  She laughed but that remains true to this day.  I march to my own drummer and have round about ways of doing things. It has always worked for me or at least that's what I know and so now I must round up my ducks, kitties, and buffalo and figure this thing out!

I'm also collecting suggestions from A to Z fans.  I asked them what their top 5 scenes are and some common ones came up.  They have said Bridges of Madison County, Lions for Lambs, A Cry in the Dark, Silkwood and oddly enough, Ironweed.  What do you think?  If you have favorites with regard to my performance, please let me know.  It really does help.  All of the scenes mean a lot to me for so many reasons that I have difficulty removing myself and making the decision.  Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated so please comment and tell me what's up!


jkimgant said...

That's great news!!! Good job. I knew you would knock it out of the park.