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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Online ADD

When I go hiking, I always go with a friend, most of the time it's The Jimmy. There are many reasons for that but beyond the fun, good exercise and the great talks, there's the I don't want to die alone in the woods thing.  You see no matter how many times we've gone, I still tend toward the wrong path.  If there's a choice, I'll make the wrong one. to this day, when Jimmy lets me lead he is still fascinated that I could always be wrong. Me?  I'm not so fascinated just pretty used to it and luckily I think it's funny.  I'm glad to say I don't feel lost in life however online is another story..

Here's how it works on the google trail.  I receive an email from travelocity with ridiculously low rates for flights to LA.  I know I want and need to go there so I click on the link. I then start looking at dates and come to the conclusion that it would be best to travel there during pilot season.  So I go to google and I put in 2011 pilot season and get a host of responses.  I click on one which leads me to some links of great breakdowns so I can get the skinny on the auditions and then another one leads me to agents and getting one in LA. Yet another link leads me to a cupcake shop near one of the agencies.  Yep, I go from a flight to a cupcake in a moments notice.  Do you ever do that?  By the time I'm done drooling over the cupcakes that I will only get to enjoy if I actually GO to LA, I'm so tired I forgot what I was trying to accomplish.

Maybe a more accurate statement is that I do tend to live my life like I hike. I sometimes do get lost and do go the wrong way but I always come out of the woods unharmed.  And much like the google path, I get distracted and enchanted along the way but I don't gain any weight, or lose any sleep over it.  I usually just laugh at myself.

After one very long and very speedy year of doing A to Z, I felt finally like I was on the right path, headed toward something.  I often had a feeling of something amazing was just about to happen.  The feeling didn't stick with me at all times but when it was there, it was like a best friend hiking by my side.  I LOVED it.  Now, I guess you could say I feel rather lost again but the good news is I have this new job that will pay me actual money which will allow me to go to LA and get new headshots and perhaps, get a cupcake too!


Terri said...

oh oh.. ADD again! lol! Can't be too bad cuz you do get the road eventually, yes? :)

jkimgant said...

That cupcake looks so good...
did you say something too?