" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Today's Edit and when will we shoot the Z scene?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Today's Edit and when will we shoot the Z scene?

Today I'm meeting with Mike Salemi to edit the Y scene.  I already saw some of the look of Bridges of Madison CountY but I'm very excited to see the performances.  I hope it's all that I imagine ... we'll see.

I spoke with Devon yesterday about setting up the Z shoot.  His schedule is crazy right now.  It just so happens that his available times are the only times my actor is not available.  I think I may have found two hours of overlap and that's if Devon rushes to get to the location and my actor, Marc rushes to his next appointment.  Boy, I sure do seem selfish don't I?  I have all day Saturday ... every single minute is available to do this thing but not so for my team.  What I'm trying to avoid is having to recast or find a new Director of Photography for many reasons.  First of all, Marc is perfect for the role of Paul Child and he was honored to be asked and truly looking forward to it.  I don't have someone in mind for his replacement.  Then getting a different Director of Photography would also be a bear because to find someone at such late notice is tough and the main reason for doing that would  be so we could shoot today which now I'm not prepared to do and I have scheduled the Y edit for today.  Plus there's the fact that I started this all with Devon and wanted to end it with Devon.

So I posed Devon the question about the two hours of overlap but no word from him yet.  It really has to be Saturday or Sunday and I actually got Devon to agree to shooting and editing both on Saturday but if we can't do it in those two hours ... sheesh, I don't know.  I really don't want to be shooting or editing on Sunday.  I cannot express how much I do NOT want that.  I need Sunday to breathe.  I know that sounds ridiculous but this has been so tough and I do not want to be up at midnight on Sunday only to have it posted sometime LATE on Valentine's Day.  That just won't do and I want to enjoy that day for whatever it brings.  Now I sound like a whiny baby and I sure don't mean to but this has been a long year, can't we all just get along and bring it on home?  Well, not too many of the letters went without a hitch so why I'm expecting that from Z is beyond me ... but please, oh please, can't it just all fall into place?

I just woke up before writing this and had a dream that I had a baby.  The delivery was super easy, or so I was telling my sister, Jenny, who promptly said my phone was on and she could hear all sorts of complications.  I couldn't remember anything but what seemed to be a super fast delivery and not many issues.  Let's hope that when I look back on A to Z, after a bit of time has passed, that I feel like the delivery of this baby was well worth it and easy as pie.