" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: What a Thursday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a Thursday!

Yesterday was the shoot for Bridges of Madison County and it was so well worth the wait I can't even express it.  Adam White shot it. Woodie Anderson provided the perfect location, a ton of equipment, and took behind the scenes pics.  Donna Williams was the PA.  Chuck Kartali is such a brilliant actor and he hit it out of the park!  Wow.  My makeup artist got the stomach flu so I didn't have that benefit and although I did  my own, it was a bit worn out by the time I got to the shoot.  Also, I forgot my bobby pins so I couldn't put my hair up in a french twist but I'm hoping the acting will distract from my shortcomings.  I pictured myself getting there about an hour early but after having to rush to get gas, wine glasses, candles for the scene ... I ran out of time and got there promptly but certainly not early, at 5 PM.

It all went very smoothly and the shoot was pretty fast.  We didn't do a thousand takes.  It seems like we captured it quite quickly.  Did I mention Chuck's performance?  I'm going to be getting comments on that one for months to come.  I just know it.  Overall, this was a wonderful crew and they got me home at a nice early hour.  At that point, I did start to get hungry but I fasted all day long so I wasn't going to blow it then.

Today I think I will be meeting with Mike Salemi, the editor for the Y scene.  He is a friend of Chuck Chubbuck's and a great guy. I'm excited to work with him and I think it will go quickly.  He already sent me a music bed and seems to be all over it ... YAY!  He also said if we don't finish it today, we can wrap it up on Saturday at some point.

I also got a call from Devon yesterday and we made plans to talk late last night but he had a shoot and I think it went long.  We'll talk today.  His shoot was with his son, Isaiah and it was his son's first commercial.  I can't wait to hear all about it.  I love his son.  He cracks me up.  Should be a good story.

So, today the edit I think.  Tomorrow the shoot for Z, I think.  Saturday the edit, I think?  I really don't know anything for sure until I talk to Devon but I really hope it goes that way so I can just sit still on Sunday.  Wouldn't that be great?  I think so!  And as crazy as this schedule might seem I do want to have conversations that are unrelated and be removed from my A to Z world here and there. 

Meryl Streep is in England shooting her Iron Lady movie where she plays Margaret Thatcher.  Her pictures are amazing!  She looks just like her.