" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Special Thanks for the Y scene!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Special Thanks for the Y scene!

Doing a scene from The Bridges of Madison County was something I attempted about 4 times before it actually came to fruition and I cannot say how glad I am that it all happened when it did.  I love that it was one of the last scenes shown and I think it was the perfect complement to the Z scene.  Let's suffice it to say this this Italian girl was thrilled to play one of  my all time favorite roles of Meryl Streep.  There were a lot of very generous and talented people who helped me with this scene.

Adam White was the Director of Photography for the I scene aka Ironweed. Chuck Chubbuck brought him into the A to Z fold and I couldn't have felt more fortunate. Having already worked with him I was thrilled when he said he could shoot Bridges.  He had a very clear idea of how he wanted to shoot it and did it in no time.  His confidence with capturing what he needed for a complete scene blew me away.  He was absolutely right though.  He managed to bring out what was perfect for the scene in minimal takes.  Adam's credits include 4 emmy's for his documentary work.  He got his degree in Motion Picture Production and Cinematography.  While he wears many on set hats, lately he's concentrated his efforts on the roles of Producer/ Director/ Cinematographer with a specialty in SteadiCam.  Adam is also a licensed pilot.  This guy can't be stopped!  Visit his many websites and learn more about him, http://www.hemlockfilms.com, http://www.adamwhiteimages.com and http://www.flightcinema.com. To hire Adam, email him at hemlockfilms@aol.com

Chuck Kartali brilliantly played the role of Robert Kincaid.  Filling Clint Eastwood's shoes is not an easy task but Chuck sure made it look that way.  I  met him working at the Ensemble Theater and I have been fortunate enough to act in a few plays with Chuck.  I knew he was incredible on stage but the on camera thing ... well, his talent is limitless.  Chuck is preparing to direct a staged reading at the Play House of the Dorothy Silver Playwriting Competition 2011 winner, Eyes Forward by Philip Gerson, which will be presented April 21.  He will also appear in a staged reading for CPH on April 23 of Three Voyages of the Lobotomobile by George Brant. In June, he will once again participate as a guest artist at WordBRIDGE Playwrights Laboratory in Baltimore, MD.  In August he begins rehearsals for Galileo by Bertolt Brecht at the Allen Theatre. Do yourself a favor and catch him in one of these performances.  He never disappoints and be on the look out for him on stage at all times, he's always memorable.  To contact Chuck for work call The Docherty Agency at 216-522-1300.

Mike Salemi was the editor for this scene.  I've worked with him before but had never really met him so this was a treat. This means he edited things in which I performed therefore he saw a whole lot of me and I didn't see him at all. Well, I was thrilled to have that not be the case for the Y scene.  Chuck Chubbuck also brought Mike to the table for me in this last minute oh no moment of who's going to edit this scene I've been trying to do for so long!  Mike fit me into a very tight schedule and was so wonderful, they should invent a new word for accommodating. It would have Mike's picture by it!  He has his own production company and can be found on many sets working as a cinematographer or editing it all together to make magic.  Visit his website for a brief overview of his work http://telstarproductions.com/index.htm.  I cannot tell you just how easy going he is and what an absolute honor it was to work with Mike.  Email him at telstar3@aol.com.  You will love working with him!

Donna Williams was the production assistant and she did the job of 5 people!  Donna is no stranger to all kinds of sets. Her background is in both performance and crew and she does it well.  Behind the scenes she has worked as a Production Designer, Set Dresser, Production Assistant, Script Supervisor, Special Effects Tech/ Lab Tech, Camera Operator and Grip.  Is that versatile or what?  To hire her and learn more about her overall talents go to http://www.DonnaWilliams.us.com.

Woodie Anderson provided the perfect location once again and was the still photographer.  Very often events will happen and Woodie will be there, camera in hand. His pictures are always wonderful.  He offered this location and was there to help with anything we needed.  Offering your home to a crew for a shoot is such a generous thing to do and that is a word that embodies Woodie to the Tee.  He was the one who provided his light kit for the entire year of A to Z.  He was the one who provided a location for the T scene, aka Heartburn.  He has been in my corner, rooting for me all along.  I'm so grateful for Woodie.  Woodie acts on stage, on camera and is both a magician and the owner and co creator of a show called Bonk!  To hire Woodie, email him at woodieand@aol.com.

Terri Negron was my Tech Support.  I've told you so much about her in every thanks.  I cannot say enough about the support she gave me and continues to give me every single day.  Her website is http://www.fengshui5.com and her email is terri@fengshui5.com.  She can design your website or your business materials or tell you how to properly feng shui your home.  For my project she did all of that plus she provided all of the design work for every business card, flyer, online ad and anything else I could conger in my creative mind, with absolute style.  She is a dream to work with and I hope you take advantage of her very personal and attentive style.

Special Thanks:
The Reel Thing
Chuck Chubbuck
Karen Laskodi

You all made this scene one of my favorites.  Thank you so much for bringing this Italian dream to life!