" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: back and forth

Friday, May 27, 2011

back and forth

I've been going back and forth on the idea of wrapping up this blog and calling it a day and the opposite, keeping it open just in case something amazing happens as the result of A to Z with Meryl and Me. Being a Libra I can argue both sides quite well.  On one hand, A to Z is over, the Z thanks were written, all 26 scenes are still alive and well on my youtube channel.  While conversely (that's for you Jay), the marketing for A to Z hasn't even begun.  The upshot of me doing all of those scenes and producing them for one solid year was me getting the Indiana Beach gig.  There are many stories that go with that "production" and I do feel more will come from A to Z, that I very well may want to share with you all.  Hmm ... I guess when it's time to quit I'll know that for sure.  Today is not that day.

So what's  been going on with my latest gig you ask?  Well, more than I'd like to report and for legal reasons I'm going to keep this vague.  Let's just say that there have been a ton of mishaps ... I have taken responsibility for ALL of them and I was not the person who caused ANY of them.  Sounds wrong or impossible, doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  I just have realized this whole time that defending what was right was less important than forging ahead.  Needing to feel everything was just and fair was my own issue and so I let go of that and without pointing a single finger at anyone, I took it on the chin.  That's what  a producer does, isn't it?  Gosh, if that's not what a producer does I sure wish someone would have said something!  Could have used that heads up!!!!

Next up, we will wrap up the financial obligations from IB and I think I should be able to resume a normal life which I haven't actually had since before February 14, 2010.  What is normal anyway?  Oh and one more thing, I gave up chocolate.  Yes, in unrelated news, it's very imperative that you know I am no longer consuming chocolate.  I gave it a try after not having it for more than 6 years but found that it was making me kinda sick.  Sooooooooo, I'm going to cut back on all sweets and get back on the healthy train.  The IB gig made me a bit nervous and I ended up getting vertigo.  I really think the spinning has mostly come to a stop but there are days when the room is still going round and round.  Now that's NOT normal!!!!!  So onto the healthier and happier me ... no stress no stress no stress ... yes, that's the plan.


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