" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: Relentless

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I STILL have not been paid my final amount from the client that I worked with just following A to Z. This means that they are overdue by 4 months on some of it and 2 months by the rest.  The total amount due is just over $6000 now and most of it is my payment for the months of slaving and putting every effort in the world toward the end product.  Unfortunately, I can't even console myself with finished TV spots that the client approved because they sat on it so long that none of what we shot was even viable in the end.  This means that they also cannot look at the finished product and feel like it was well worth it.  Does this justify them not paying me?  Um, hell no. Like a wise man once told me, it doesn't matter whether or not you eat the pizza, if you order it, you pay.  Well this client ordered the pizza.  I spent many nights awake and worked my tail off and truly the end result could have been stellar but the client got in it's own way.  Isn't that so true of us? We get in our own way more than anyone else.

Well, suffice it to say I'm ticked off and the next move will be talking to an attorney.  It's a suck fest alright but I will be victorious because I cannot allow myself to be taken advantage of like that anymore!

On another note, I went to Seattle to the AFTRA convention and it was wonderful.  I really do love getting out of Ohio almost any chance I can. My next trip is to LA, say it with me... Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!