" " " A to Z with Meryl and Me: What to do

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What to do

Here I sit. It's first thing in the morning and I wonder the following:

Why won't Gary pay me the last 6000 he owes me?

Why is my space bar sticking but only when I press it on the right side?

What will I do today?

When I go to LA what workshops and classes will I take?

Why have I been so darn lazy lately?

Where did my motivation go?

I just read a post that said instead of trying to stop your thoughts, can you make one stay?  Considering the above list of thoughts running through my head and the fifty I didn't even mention, I'm gonna go with no.

The beauty of A to Z was that I had a goal.  It was clear, focused.  There were deadlines.  Peeps were depending on me not to fail. It was the kind of pressure that makes me get things done.

So here I sit desperately needing to do laundry, work out my class schedule for teaching at BW and figure out what I will do in LA.  I sure hope I do something today but I've just been lazy.  On one hand I could say that I ran around like a crazy woman for more than a year and a half and this is my break time but it feels like the train has come to a complete halt.   Sheesh, I hope I can get that locomotive running again soon!


Jay said...

Still reading.